Friday, August 2, 2013


Truly glad to see this new month, July's gone..hello August!! Thankful for so many things and counting my blessings.
On the 31st of July, at about 2pm, i got a call from my lady boss asking me to come and meet her at  where she was to pick my salary cheque....Hurray! I calculated the distance of where she was and the traffic in that area and felt it would be better to take a cab/drop. By the time i picked up the cheque, it was already 3pm, i usually cash my cheques and make the usually monthly deductions before paying what is left into my savings account.

To cut the long story short, i got robbed after making a quick dash to the bank.....Not robbery of a gun to my head or any other violent means but "pick-pocketing" by the driver who brought me back to the office. I had sat in front of the car, clutching my bag on my laps and when i stopped in front of my office, the door wouldn't just i asked the taxi driver to please come down and open the door, but he leaned from his side to open it.......Sincerely, i can't say how it happened and how he picked my money from my bag and even from the nylon bag (the type the tellers give at the bank) without me knowing.
I asked myself a lot of "had i known" questions.....maybe i should have sat at the back of the taxi, maybe i should have boarded another taxi, maybe i should have driven myself in the first place, maybe i should have checked to make sure my money was intact before coming down and a million more "maybes'"......i truly had no inkling or feeling that anything bad would happen on the 31st and YES, i went to the police station for the first time in my life and made a report after bawling my eyes out. The Nigerian Policemen and women are a funny set of people. The first female officer i met told me that the taxi driver used jazz and i should do "midnight' for three days while another told me that it's usual and they get reports everyday, one other man even asked me to describe the driver and i did, he was like "oh! it must be the fair guy that operates around wuse 2, when we catch him, we will call you to identify him"!!! *SMH* So, they even know the criminals.

But in all, i give God the glory 'cos it could have been worse. I could have been kidnapped, raped or shot because a person that has the mind to "fap" someone's whole sweat for a month can do worse.

31st July gone and i am thankful;
1. I wasn't stolen with my money .
2. For the gift of life, friends and family.
3. For a roof over my head
4. For my lovely, wonderful, awesome, God-sent husband (even though he is "isi-aki" sometimes.. lol)
5. For my gift from baby boy.
6. For good health
7. For a job i can call my own
8. For battles fought for me by God which i don't even know
9. For my brand new nephew
10. For a return plane ticket to go and see this new nephew (IN ADVANCE THANKING)... Received by Faith!!
11. And for all i was, all i am and all i will be......eternally grateful to My God!

May the month of August be beautiful for us all!


Gospel Girl said...

Gal...I love your positivity in the midst of difficult circumstances...sorry to hear about your ordeal, indeed we thank God that the robbery was not as bad as it could have been and you were not hurt or harmed in any way.
I hope that God will repay you double for all your trouble.
Have a lovely and blessed August. :)

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