Friday, August 2, 2013


Truly glad to see this new month, July's gone..hello August!! Thankful for so many things and counting my blessings.
On the 31st of July, at about 2pm, i got a call from my lady boss asking me to come and meet her at  where she was to pick my salary cheque....Hurray! I calculated the distance of where she was and the traffic in that area and felt it would be better to take a cab/drop. By the time i picked up the cheque, it was already 3pm, i usually cash my cheques and make the usually monthly deductions before paying what is left into my savings account.

To cut the long story short, i got robbed after making a quick dash to the bank.....Not robbery of a gun to my head or any other violent means but "pick-pocketing" by the driver who brought me back to the office. I had sat in front of the car, clutching my bag on my laps and when i stopped in front of my office, the door wouldn't just i asked the taxi driver to please come down and open the door, but he leaned from his side to open it.......Sincerely, i can't say how it happened and how he picked my money from my bag and even from the nylon bag (the type the tellers give at the bank) without me knowing.
I asked myself a lot of "had i known" questions.....maybe i should have sat at the back of the taxi, maybe i should have boarded another taxi, maybe i should have driven myself in the first place, maybe i should have checked to make sure my money was intact before coming down and a million more "maybes'"......i truly had no inkling or feeling that anything bad would happen on the 31st and YES, i went to the police station for the first time in my life and made a report after bawling my eyes out. The Nigerian Policemen and women are a funny set of people. The first female officer i met told me that the taxi driver used jazz and i should do "midnight' for three days while another told me that it's usual and they get reports everyday, one other man even asked me to describe the driver and i did, he was like "oh! it must be the fair guy that operates around wuse 2, when we catch him, we will call you to identify him"!!! *SMH* So, they even know the criminals.

But in all, i give God the glory 'cos it could have been worse. I could have been kidnapped, raped or shot because a person that has the mind to "fap" someone's whole sweat for a month can do worse.

31st July gone and i am thankful;
1. I wasn't stolen with my money .
2. For the gift of life, friends and family.
3. For a roof over my head
4. For my lovely, wonderful, awesome, God-sent husband (even though he is "isi-aki" sometimes.. lol)
5. For my gift from baby boy.
6. For good health
7. For a job i can call my own
8. For battles fought for me by God which i don't even know
9. For my brand new nephew
10. For a return plane ticket to go and see this new nephew (IN ADVANCE THANKING)... Received by Faith!!
11. And for all i was, all i am and all i will be......eternally grateful to My God!

May the month of August be beautiful for us all!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Whenever you feel discouraged or your plans are not coming forth the way you anticipated, when the tides of life drag you back and forth, when you take one step and it feels like a million steps backward, when the answers to your prayers are not still and know that He is God.

Be encouraged by Esther's story! God can lift one up from a place of unknown to a place of favour, people may not see your potentials, many may despise you, there might be a lot of casting's circumstances didn't favour Esther but God definitely made a way in the end. 


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


One of my good ways of relaxing is by reading a nice novel. I usually love intrigues, that way i can't tell what will happen at the end and my attention is kept focused till the story ends.

Right now i am reading Joseph Prince's "Unmerited Favor"- It is a nice Christian book that thoroughly explains the scripture "I will have mercy on whom i'll have mercy". Sometimes we think we have what we have because we have been good children of God or because of our hardwork....but it is all by the grace and mercy of God

I borrowed this book from the lady at the frontdesk in my office hoping i would read it in 48 hours but i've been with it for four weeks...*shamefaced* But it is  a must read....*thank me later*

I am also reading Jeffery Deaver's "Bone Collector". I tend to read multiple books at the same time, there's always some kind of reading material in my bag. I had seen the movie some years ago and i thought i'ld read it to find out the difference, i already have a mental picture of Denzel Washingtion and Angelina Jolie so i act it out in my mind while reading ...weird?
My son nibbles on anything bulletin, envelopes, toilet paper, newspaper, name it. I managed to grab the novel off him as he snicked a bite off a part of the cover with his sharp baby teeth. Here's a pic taken with the You Cam on my laptop.....yeah, that's me in the background too for added
I hope i get to finish the books by weekend. Here's wishing anyone reading this a fulfilling rest of the week.

God Bless!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Yeah, i know...four months later and i am back to clean out the cobwebs and dust up my blog. Na wah for me....i've considered shutting my blog down but this is my little sanctuary and when i do get time to blog, i absolutely love doing's like a mini journal for me but censored in a way. I also love reading other people's blogs and sharing their laughter, fears and joy.

So *drumrolls*, i have decided to reveal my identity, give my blog a little home makeover and even get to start sharing pictures of me and my life. I am pretty excited 'abourit" and the hubby encourages it so far as i don't plaster his face allover.

Can't end this post without a shout out to Toinlicious!!!! Thanks for asking after me while i was gone *hugs*.

May our days be merry and bright. God bless us all.

Eyes of Truth

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter peeps!! Hope everyone had a wonderful celebration. The death and resurrection of Christ is the greatest sacrifice and show of love, my prayer is that we do not crucify him again by our daily actions or in-actions.
My day was kinda slow/tiring/draining/and i was in low spirits. My house-help left today back to her village, she had been so saucy in the last copy of, let her just "kukuma" go. Right now, i do not have a help and work beckons on Tuesday but i have faith that God will sort things out for me. He has never disappointed me.
Back to the essence of the post which is Easter. I wish everyone a glorious Easter season. Remain blessed!!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Got home two days ago and my help/baby’s nanny told me “aunty, please there’s something I want to tell you”. I finished my dinner preps and asked her what it was she wanted to tell me and she went about this long story of how she got a call from village telling her that her grand-mother collapsed and was rushed to the hospital and how she was told to come back the next day to come and look after her grand-mother in the hospital……see, gist o!

I asked her if her grandmother didn’t have children. Correct me if I am wrong but my darling granny “Esther” God bless her soul, in her last years on earth was taken care of by her kids, she was a retired cook from a Federal Polytechnic and she shuttled between her children’s houses, she would spend a couple of weeks in our house and complain of how her goats in the village were dying of hunger, then my mom would take her to the village where she would stay for few weeks and attend funerals and all them occasions and afterwards my aunt would come and take her to Aba, needless to say she always complained that Aba had human-sized mosquitos that wouldn’t die even with the strongest insecticides. She always rotated round her children’s houses and village and i think that kept her going.

Back to my house-help matter, the babe said her grandmother has many kids all over naija. Next thing I knew, she threw herself to the ground begging  and saying she had lived alone with her grandma in the village. Whether she is saying the truth (Going by her antecedent behaviors my help can form eh! Gist for another day), I do not know but all I know is that I really need someone, being a working mother of a 14-month old son. I am not working just to build a career but to support my young family (my husband ain’t no billionaire). In this Abuja, life isn’t easy on a single income- I don’t know if I can keep begging for money for little things like pepper, salt and baby milk. Besides rent and school fees in this town is off the roof!!! As much I devote time to my work, I made a resolve to also look after my home. I cook all our meals, I bathe my son (morning and night), I pop in sometimes un-announced in between work to see what’s going in the home front. I just need someone to mind my baby a till I come home……I tire for Abuja day-care ( A friend went to pick her baby at the day care and got there in time to see him sucking on another kid’s pacifier…….eww!!! She told me of how the kids just share diseases/illnesses amongst themselves, bikonu…how would I combine hospital round with work and house?…at least lemme do work and home).
I’ve put it in prayers sha….and I’ve told my God who doesn’t fail to bring me someone who is good, fears God and has purpose…not a witch or wickedness personified. I don’t know how our mother did it o! “ko-easy ra ra”. Soon my baby go enter nursery and I won’t have need again for a minder……..but wait o! what or his brothers and sisters??? *bbm rolling on the floor crying smiley*

N:B- Anybody seen that “my oga at the top” video? Abeg, people should free the guy joor. Nigerians can like to drag an issue.

Friday, March 8, 2013


I just came back to the office some minutes ago. It was kinda boring in the office (given that “madam” traveled,  I had made sure I cleared my desk of any work early this week so I’ll be free by today and next week because this is the only holiday as good as I can get anytime soon).

There’s this container shop salon near my office, I pass it on my way home most times so I decided to check it out in my period of “lazy” freedom. It’s been long I patronized that kind of salon…don’t get me wrong, my favourite salon in Enugu used to be a roadside container salon till I moved to Abuja and things changed, there are few of them here and the closest salon near my house is far from that, it is actually an overrated beauty spa that charges loads for under-par service.

Anyhow, I got to this salon and I asked the lady there to take of my weave and do me some good old “washing and sehhtting”…yeah!  that’s the correct pronunciation where I come from lol. She did that and added some good dose of lotta-body (oh! How I’ve missed lotta-body! All kinds of hair mousse everywhere) and then proceeded to roll my hair.
*side-bar*- I haven’t rolled my hair in like five or six years. I have very long full hair that takes gazillion years to dry under a normal hair dryer and between, I had some bad experiences in Enugu where my hair stylist would crank up the dryer to the highest and literally melt my brains out so my stubborn long hair would dry fast given it’s unwilling track record.

So, today I did that washing and setting and sat under a half-broken hair dryer which the stylist made up for by wrapping with a towel. Needless to say, I spent an hour and afterwards, she styled my hair in a bun just like I used to when I was a kid. I totally loved it, it brought back nostalgic memories and besides bun up-dos’ are in vogue.

I really enjoyed doing something I’ve not done in a long while. Variety is truly the spice of life, it is giving me ideas now….I’m thinking of roasting fish for dinner of cooking something I haven’t eaten in a while.
Will I ever go back to the standing dryer?…well, I don’t think so. The persons who invented hand dryers and the act of blow-drying need the noble peace prize.:-)

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